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Blanchard & Associates, LLC offers a highly personalized approach tailored to guide and support families and loved ones through all stages of recovery.

Family Case Management

We are all in this together. Families require initial and often ongoing support before, during and after the alcoholic or addicts’ completion of treatment. This is an important process and one that is often misunderstood and overlooked. Family Case Management provides guidance and support [...]


A process. Not an Event. Addiction, Substance Abuse, and Mental Illness impact an entire family system and support group. By the time families and friends take the first step toward asking for help, they have endured a great deal of pain, frustration, anger, and [...]

Treatment Consultation and Placement

Reaching for a helping hand. Ward Blanchard is an addiction and substance abuse specialist working with individuals, families and loved ones on mental health and substance abuse related issues. He has extensive experience with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues and [...]

Sober Transportation

Every bit of help matters Getting your loved one to and from a chosen treatment center, between treatment facilities, or even transitioning to outpatient treatment can be a stressful process. There are many known triggers and stressors associated with traveling that can make [...]

Crisis Management

Crisis Management and Placement Individual crises can stem from a variety of sources: a traumatic incident, long-term substance use, or unhealthy relationships. The responses to these crises vary from individual to individual as well. Each person responds differently to traumatic incidents or unhealthy [...]

Drug Testing and Monitoring

Random Drug Testing We believe in randomized testing at a frequency that is right for each person. Our drug screening and monitoring services include individualized planning to meet specific needs and recovery goals. Our team works diligently with a nationwide network of testing providers [...]


“Our main focus is to concentrate on family case management because addicts need educated and active family members to help them comply with recovery plans.” – Ward Blanchard

“When the disease of addiction strikes a family, professional guidance and support is essential in finding a path of recovery for everyone involved. Ward has assisted our family with a calm, but firm demeanor, both in the early days when we were in a crises mode.”


“Through Ward’s coaching and excellent family weekends, we received vital education to support our child’s recovery and avoid supporting the addiction.”


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